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A tool that increases potency very quickly is desirable for every man after 40 years, because an unpleasant surprise from the potential can happen at the most inopportune moment. Adamour capsules will help to solve erectile dysfunction problems very quickly. You can order them in Croatia for the current promotion on the official website - 299 Kn.

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The problem of weak power in Croatia affects the majority of the male population over the age of 40 in one way or another. One day, a man who meets her loses his self-confidence, drives away from his partner, avoids sexual intercourse, and is afraid of falling into such an unpleasant situation. To avoid all this, it is better not to delay treatment and start buying a tool for strength. Adamour capsules are a natural medicine that not only increases potency but also treats the causes of sexual dysfunction.

Adamour - capsules to increase strength quickly

Men of all ages want to live life to the fullest and have no sexual problems. Men's health is affected by many factors. The reasons may be hormonal disorders, a decrease in the body's protective functions, overweight, as well as a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity. Croatia is a country where more than half of the male population faces this problem in one way or another. Not all men with sexual dysfunction are in a hurry to see a doctor or take medication. Most members of the opposite sex avoid the situation and try to remain silent about it, which leads to the development of the disease.

Causes of potency in men

Pharmacists offer a wide range of power boosters. All of them differ in composition, effects on the body, pharmacological properties and contraindications. Stimulants can actually give a man strength for several hours, but they do not help to improve the cause of male impotence.

Signs of Potential Problems

Sexual disorders can occur at any age. Genital problems are more common in adolescents and young men, as well as in old age.

The following symptoms indicate sexual dysfunction:

A man has a fear of intimacy when he has potential problems. He tries not to talk about such issues, does not see his partner's instructions, and does not begin intimacy.

If these symptoms occur, treatment should be started immediately. Adamour, a natural complex preparation, quickly returns to a stable erection a few minutes after taking it.

Effect of Adamour capsules to increase potency

Problems in the intimate area can lead to nervousness, stress and even the development of long-term depression. In advanced cases, diseases such as prostatitis or prostate adenoma are more likely to develop.Adamour capsules have a complex effect on the potentialAdamour capsules will restore male strength and self-confidence to increase potency rapidly. The herbal composition of the drug has a beneficial effect on the male genital area and the whole body. The following processes occur when using Adamour capsules:

The German drug Adamour gently affects all organs and tissues, gently cleanses harmful substances and normalizes all bodily functions, including sex.

Advantages of Adamour capsules

All herbal medicines have a positive effect on the body to increase strength. Excitatory substances can have only short-term effects, and therapeutic capsules also help to cope with the source of the problem of impotence. The advantages of the capsules are:

The main active ingredient in the capsules is Peruvian macaque

The original drug from the German manufacturer, which quickly increases the potential, has passed all clinical trials. In Croatia, it is recommended to order capsules only on the official website. The demand for an effective tool has led to many unscrupulous sellers giving money to counterfeit products. When ordering through the website, you will only pay for the shipping and the medicine itself. You can buy it on the website at a cheap price - only 299 Kn, what is the price in other countries. Delivery takes place all over the world. Thus, you will always be insured against buying low-quality counterfeit products.

Adamour capsule contents

Adamour contains only plant ingredients and extracts from ecologically clean regions of the world. The raw material is processed by a unique technology, thanks to which the finished complex retains all the useful and healing properties. Adamour does not contain chemical and toxic compounds. All substances have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system and the functions of the whole body.


Movement in the body:


Prolongs erection, increases blood circulation in the penis, has a positive effect on sperm motility, increases the body's protective functions and endurance.


The plant extract can increase libido, increase testosterone production and have a beneficial effect on sexual intercourse.


Brazil aphrodisiac, increases blood flow in the penis, increases libido and duration of intercourse. The plant extract stimulates testosterone production.

Muira Puama

An extract of this plant can increase the sensitivity of the penis, making men feel more vibrant during sex.

Emblika (Indian gooseberry)

Extract from the berries and seeds of this plant improves sperm quality and increases sexual intercourse.

Zinc, L-Arginine and Nicotinic Acid Complex

Substances stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic region. The whole organism is strengthened.

All components of the plant itself and its extracts have undergone strict radiological and environmental control.

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